There are a number of weapons that are available to you so that you can perform well in the game. The weapons include: guns, bows, axes, swords and others. Aside from the good graphics and the decent controls, the game also features a pretty good storyline which is what makes the game really good.

The battle sequences are turn-based and the whole game really doesn't have any difference to most of the games from the role playing genre. It is a pretty standard role playing game but it is well-made and solid so it's not a waste of anyone's time. The game combines several elements that make it attractive to different types of gamers. It involves some puzzle-solving, some combat scenarios and also bits strategy.

I recommend this to anyone who likes a solid role playing game.

The Underdogs


One of the better freeware RPGs with a quality that rival commercial releases, Avalon is an RPG in the classic anime "SD" (stumpy head) style, although it resembles Western comics more than Japanese anime. A village in the far future is under attack by monsters, and you the only one who is brave enough to save it. Naturally, this is not an easy task, as you'll have to fight many powerful creatures and solve puzzles to find the missing human leaders and a way to get rid of the monsters, once and for all.

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