One of the colonists however, who was called Caddman - nobody knew his real name - just didn't believe that they were alone on the planet. He was the only one who had fortified his house and he kept warning the others for what dangers they might encounter. The villagers thought that he was crazy and paranoid, and they ignored him. They thought that his mind had become damaged during their long travel through space. Caddman told them stories about strange and dangerous creatures in the woods, but they didn't believe him. They trusted their equipment and saw no reason for extra caution.

Unfortunately for them, their ignorance was almost fatal, because one sad day, the village was suddenly attacked by hundreds of strange creatures. They were totally surprised by such a huge number of foes. It was only because of the courage of Mace, a young man who had on earth been a warrior during the Great War, that they could resist the attack. Mace managed to kill some of the creatures that seemed to be in charge of the attack. Nevertheless, the spaceship was destroyed and there were several casualties.

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